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Bizarro Review

Superman: Last Son (DC Direct)
Bizarro is a very strange character very original too.Overall he is well bizzare thats why he is called bizarro.The figure itself is huge this figure seems to be bigger and bulkiier than other bizarros I've seen he doesn't just seem like a straight copy to superman but with a differnt face and hands he seems much bulkiier than the superman in the series I'm glad about this because it makes the character seem mor original and it gives him a more unquie look.His suit is purple which I also like better rather than the blue.I also like the s symbols he has one on his chest which as usual is backwards and one on his cloak.His fourarms have chains around them I'm not sure why maybe they were used to try and capture him and it didn't work.I decided to slit them of they anoyyed me a bit.His sculpt is exellent he has the rocky like skin and he looks ticked off but not too ticked off which is good.He does actuslly look a tny bit like supes his hair style also makes him look quit like supy too.Sorry about the nicknames I really just hate superman all together not is villians just him anyway.He has actual eyes which are baby blue they make him look childlike.I like the way his boots look a little too small for him and his pants look more like shorts.(if your american and youre reading this its the other way around ithink).He also comes with an s stand I wish that he could have come with a better stand or well the figure more than makes up for it!.Articulation is good he has 15 poa alltogether.Overall this is a really great figure and I do recommend him.Thanks for reading!!!!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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