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Green Arrow Review

Green Arrow
DC Infinite Heroes (Mattel) - Wave 4
Green Arrow isn't my favorite character, but it's not like I don't like him, however, Green Arrow is probably the best Infinite Hero I've bought so far. He has an original sculpt, instead of the same reused one with few sculpted materials, and unlike evry Infinite Hero I've ever seen, He has an accesory, his bow, but thena gain, you'd expect himt o come with it, because if you didn't it just wouldn't be Green Arrow. His articvulation is the standard for DC Infinite Heroes. Ball jointed shoulders, swivel waist, double hitched knees, but sadly, the legs only go about 90 degrees. My main complaint about this figure is that his bow doesn't stay in his hand very well, but like most problems of that kind, it can be solved with a simple elastic. my other complaint is that even though he has an arrow, you can't take it out, then again, thinking now, I don't really see what you could do with it, since he can't hold it right, but it's the thought that counts. So bottom line, best Infinite Hero yet, even if he isn't my favorite character.There's nothign wrong with admittance, even though I'm sad they couldn't put this much effort into the other figures.

      by hobbygoblin   Update Review

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