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Black Canary Review

Black Canary
DC Infinite Heroes (Mattel) - Wave 4
All right, so so far, the Infinite Heroes line has failed to impress me all that much, with the exception of a select few. Unfortunately for me, and others who may or may not like her, Black Canary continues this trend of mediocrity. While unlike other figures, her torso can rotate, her waist can't. Her legs do that weird thing where they turn diagonally so it's pretty difficult to pose her any other way than just standing up. To make things worse, her shoulders aren't ball jointed, I guess it's so her jacket can look better, and for some unexplainable, inexcusable reason, her arms don't bend. Like most Infintie Heroes her paint apps differ from figure to figure, but the one I have has pretty shoddy paint, and I think I could probably do better myself. Her face looks, well, her face looks like a post op transgender, just that look in her eyes, and that heavy amount of lipstick proportional to her face,it just looks wrong. Basically, if you buy DC figures, Infinite Heroes or not, stay away from this, it's a bad figure, it's a bad DC figure, it's a bad INfinite Heroes figure, it's a bad Black Canary figure. Basically, it's just bad.

      by hobbygoblin   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, September 14, 2009
really wished her hips moved. other than that, nice review!

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