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Reptile with Dragon MK-1 Vehicle Review

Reptile with Dragon MK-1 Vehicle
Mortal Kombat (Hasbro) - Vehicles
Reptile, like all the other ninja from this series, is simply a repainted kit bash. I for one have no problem with this. For a kit bash it's quite good, it bears a pretty good likeness, and the differences translate perfectly into GI Joe format. He has differences to Sub Zero in that his eyes are just a flat, demonic white, like Scorpion's. This is pretty cool because while this wasn't how he looked in the games, it looks better than regular eyes and adds a good demonic effect to the figure. There really isn't anything not to like about him, although while it may just be my figure, the joints are a bit stiff and it can get is the way a litle, yet you can still pull off all the great dynamic poses without much trouble. Since Reptile is my favorite Mortal Kombat character, I must say that whether it's good or bad (I'm looking at you Jawares) I would hvae liked it either way, but I must say, even though it's a figure that's 20 years younger, the GI Joe Reptile is every bit as good if not better than the Shaolin Monks Reptile. Great job Hasbro, great job!

      by hobbygoblin   Update Review

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