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Batman (Croc Armor) Review

Batman (Croc Armor)
Batman (Mattel) - Series 3
Alright, so I only have any Mattel Batman figures because I got them in a toy box of a bunch of stuff. Basically, Mattel did a great job with this line. The place they shine the most though, is in the sculpt. The face is pretty original, and bears no resemblance to any other Batman figures, which is pretty good, because seeing the same face too many times in too many lines gets annoying (at least this one is only one line). My only problem with this individual figure is that he's painted in something that resembles skin color. When I first took out Croc Armor Batman, I thought he was the previous owner's joke of making a Streaker Batman, with the armor being some sort of Bondage gear. The figure has definitely grown on me though, he's much cooler than he was at first, I guess because he's not Streaker Bondage Batman anymore. Once I figured out where he was from it was a lot cooler than he was. The only problem with this figure is in terms of articulation. He has these great bal joint shoulders, but his elbows don't bend. At least they're not straight so it doesn't look completely ridiculous, and while he's not my favorite Mattel Batman figure, he's not my least favorite Batman figure.

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