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Spider-Man (2099) Review

Spider-Man (2099)
Marvel Universe (Toy Biz) - 10" Figures
Spider-man 2099 is great. He's the best 1099 character and always makes for a good action figure. I got him in a great lot with Wolverine and Deadpool (and She Hulk, but I honestly don't care about her). He's probably my favorite and the best, Marvel Universe figure. His sculpt is jsut a recycled Spider-man body being reused for the 10th time, but his paint is great and suits him well, perfect colors actually, also, he comes with a great cape. It clips to his neck and is tattered up, which gives him this really cool battle damage look, and it's fabric which is a nice change of pace. His hand is molded in a fist and a web slinging hand, it's kind of hard to pose him in an uber cool pose, but it's not impossible, and that's honestly the only down side to this figure. Overall, Spider-man 2099 continues to have a reputation with me of constantly having great figures, in all the toys of him I've bought, I have never been disappointed, not once, so I'd highly recommend this, among the rest of the 10 inch Toy Biz Marvel Universe figures he's really a stand out in terms of greatness, just goes to show you that recycling can sometimes have a good result!

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User Comments
wesr - Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I really liked the 2099 line, at the time it was a good change. Too bad they dropped it totally in the Marvel Universe, would be nice to see a relaunch with the effects of Civil War having changed things.

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