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Breakaway Review

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
I had been searching everywhere for Breakaway but did eventually find him when I went in to get my oil changed after they refreshed the toy aisle at Wal Mart. I snatched him up in an instant. Breakaway is one of the best deluxes I have. Very articulated, excellent detail and an adorable head that demands you hug him! Hug him darn you! He needs love! Okay, seriously, the Autobot flyer turns into a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II or some semblance of it at least. The paint scheme is pretty simple, dark brown, tan, some silver along the back ends of his wings and a series of odd green and dark green patterns over the wings and tailfins. No visible weapons in this mode, or at least ones that could be used. The minigun that is built into his right arm is very visible in this mode as part of the back assembly, like an exposed part of the jet engine. His head is plainly visible as well, taking up his cockpit. Pretty cool in my opinion. The transformation is somewhat tricky and does require some force.

His arms make up the top of his jet mode, the legs, as tradition with jetformers, make up the undercarriage while the tail fins and wings become backpack kibble. Thankfully, these don't affect Breakaway's stability and only adds character. In robot mode, the minigun can be rotated by a gear in his right forarm. The robot mode design is really good, and very unique. While intimidating, it still has a friendly aura to it. This is really aided by the head design which looks like he's whereing an oxygen mask. He's set up for light piping however the eyes and back part are painted over which negates that feature. The biggest flaw in his design is the fact that the torso sits to high and requires you to slouch him over if you want to have him look straight ahead. However, Jin Saitome has a fix on this so just look it up, real simple and easy to do.

Over all, Breakaway gets four and a half stars out of five. A great toy and a good addition to anyone's collection.

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