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Optimus Prime Review

Optimus Prime
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Leader Class
I have to Just wow. This is an incredible figure. From the complex transformation to the intracet design and detailing, this is almost perfect save for a few minor flaws. His truck mode is practicly a photocopy of the truck used in the film. The metal backing on the rear of the cab, a detail that seems to indicate that the movie Optimus would haul a flat bed trailer, or atleast the truck he copied would, is a very nice touch an also function as the battery housing. By the way, I would advise getting rid of those batteries as soon as humanly possible. Trust me on this, I'll get to it.

Anyway, at the core, this version of Prime is what Transformers are in purest form, a puzzle crafted from plastic plates and metal screws. I have never owned such a complex Transformer. Like the first version, his feet are made up of his grill. And the underside of the truck. His feet alone are a tangle of folds and twists. The arms are stuffed under the hood of the truck, above the legs while his head is buried between them while the windows form his chest, typical for Prime and accurate to the movie CG Model. The transformation is very diffcult thhe first time you try it. Everything has to be lined up just right or else nothing will work and you won't get a fully formed vehicle mode. The instruction don't help with very vauge depections of the transformation. The panels that make the chest have to be yanked out of their proper places during the transformation. Little afraid that I might break it.

In robot mode, either pushing back on his head or pulling down on a tab on his waist will cause the chest to shift upward and the head look up while green lights flash in both the eyes and chest and a sound clip of Peter Cullen, or a Peter Cullen sound alike, says "I am Optimus Prime". And he will do this everytime you try to transform him or mess with the chest. Every. Single. Time. I popped the batteries out after the five hundredth time I accidentally triggered it. He has twin swords that are stored in his forarms and paritally hidden by plates made up of the hood of the cab. Pulling back a switch will cause the swords to flip forward. However, they actually restrict arm movement somewhat while stored which is rather annoying. Still, this guy is incredible. A movie accurate sculpt, incredible articulation and a challange transformation make this the best Leader Class between Optimus and Megatron.

Over all, Optimus gets four and a half stars out of five. Buy. This. NOW!

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