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Blaze Master Review

Blaze Master
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
I don't like this figure. I don't like it at all. From the robot mode to the poorly made and planned out joints, this was a waste of eleven dollars. Blaze Master is an interesting concept, a civillain helicopter that apparently belongs to Channel 7 News. Honestly, I had high hopes about him. The top of the copter fold up into his arms while the blades are split in two, the main half staying on his left arm while the other half of the rotor is loosly attached to his right arm. Very poorly I might add. I'd advise, if you do buy him, just keep them together. The rotor can be spun around by depressing a button on his arm or the copters side. The chest is poorly cobbled together from the cockpit and the windsheild. It looks horrible. The rear-rotor splits in half and folds up to form his backpack kibble. Which is constantly falling down.

the legs are another story. They look somewhat like those of a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, bent backwards at the knee with the shins and feet going down from there. They're actually fairly stable and look cool. The leg design and head sculpt are the only things that are worth anything on this piece of junk. The arm joints are horrible. The elbows are ball joints, however, the bulkiness of the arms and the inclusion of a hinge where the arms attach to the joint makes any movement awkward.

Over all, Blaze Master gets one star out of five. The only saving grace about it is the neat leg design and cool head sculpt. I can not advise buying this.

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