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Cobra Commander Review

Cobra Commander
G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra (Hasbro) - Collection 1 - Wave 2
Gijoe is something I managed to get into when a few years ago at my local toys r us I saw some gijoe figures.The first 2 figures I bought were dr mindbender and beachhead.I got a lot of the two packs that year 2004 or 2003.Then they stopped selling them.Soon after I saw the 25th ann line on the innternet I wanted some of them ut didn't get any.We (me and my familly went on hliday to america there I got some 25th figures)We went again in 2008 and I got even more I felt happy with my collection.But now they have brought brand new figures out for the movie in the uk oh and the movie is great its something new and original anyway I'm going to review the big bad boss snake cobra commander!!!

Now this figure isnt really the original cc we all know and love but so what I really liked this version he seemed so evil yet so tragic.He looks very differnt he has a clearish mask with a red (scared burnt)face I mean you can't really tell what he looks like but I really like this look it works well.He has silver body amour with ver good details and a blue and black coat he looks nothing like the original but soo what???? he looks bloody cool.He comes with a syringe which I'm not sure if he uses it but its ovisouly the nanomites in it he comes with a scanner which he does use but as rex yes they are the same prson if you didn't know by now.He also comes with a cobra which appears in a tank has his little pet the classic hair drier gun but silver and a massive missile launcher which is a liile like his syringe but a lot bigger.And no just cos he comes with a syringe doesn't make him a drug addict.Overall this a great figure and they didn't f**k him up at all they gave the character a new moderized egde.So give the new film a chance and the characters and go see the film trust me it is brilliant.So give this a chance and buy it now!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

      by Deathlock66   Update Review

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