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Spider-Man (Zombie) Review

Spider-Man (Zombie)
Marvel Select (Toy Biz)
Marvel Zombies, cool book, cool characters, pretty "meh" figures. I picked up Zombie Spider-man from my local comic book shop the other day, and let me say, he is kind of disappointing. For once Marvel Select has managed to be outdone by Hasbro (ugh). The articulation isn't as good, and while the sculpt it superb, spectacular even, they have him sculpted in a way so that all poses look pretty awkward. I really want to like this figure, I really do, but it's just not happening. It's not that I hate it, in fact, I wish I could love it, but I can't. Every thing about this figure, every single thing, is just awkward and clumsy, even the base doesn't have the same apocalyptic feeling that the other figures do, it does a great job translating the comic into plastic, but beyond that it doesn't do much else, in fact, the only reason this is getting such a good rating is because I'm such a big fan of the comic and characters, and if you're not the same way, then I seriously don't think you should get this figure, it's not worth the money, for the price of the figure you could just get the comic.

      by hobbygoblin   Update Review

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