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Hulk (Grey) Review

Hulk (Grey)
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Wave 2
This was actually my second Marvel Universe figure. I had seen the original Green Hulk version but was put off by it do to the head sculpt. While the Grey Hulk has the same head, I am a fan of the Grey Hulk and felt that the scale really worked for this personality who has never been shown as exceptionally gaint, just really tall and overly muscled. Hulk has fairly standard articulation, swivel wrists and hips, hinged ankles, ball hinged, elbows, knees and shoulders. The head his a swivel as is the abdomen. The detail's are all really good with popping veins and tattered blue jeans. The theigs are shadded with gray paint, a similair shade to the Hulk's skin so I'm guessing it's suppose to be extra tears in his pants.

All the joints are good and tight, not too loose, perfect for possing. But the hips really limit what you can do. I understand it may have comprimised the sculpt, but ball joints like they have on other MU figures would have been nice for added articulation. The abdomen has trouble staying on center so Hulk sometimes stands lopsided. Still, he looks good side-by-side with the other figures from the line and other figures in this scale like Star Wars and G.I. Joe which is pretty cool.

Over all, I give this guy a four stars out of five rating. A good buy with some flaws.

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