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New Goblin Review

New Goblin
Spider-Man 3 - Movie (Hasbro) - Ooze Attack
Well, as everyone knows Spider-man 3 is the greatest piece of mediocre garbage that the Superhero genre ever put out. However, there were some good things, like New Goblin. I enjoyed the concept of making him an anti-hero, and he looks a lot cooler than he did as the American Son. Basically, this is one of the 5 inch figures, and after I saw the 6 inch one, I didn't feel like buying another one, so I just stuck with this one. This figure comes with a lot of accessories, including a monster sandman for him to fight, but I've lost all of them, so all that's left is the base figure. The figure benefits from the accessories, and without them there's not a lot of ways he can be posed, plus, I'm not sure if this is just my figure's wear equaling up to almost 3 years, but his joints are kind of loose. The figure's attributes are a bit flat which contrasts with the movie versions rigid and shiny look. The bottom line here is that this figure shouldn't be hard to get right, but this is just laziness, a mix of laziness and that the 5 inch figures lack the quality of 6 inch figures because this line probably wasn't marketed towards the collectors as much as the kids who play with them

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