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Spider-Man (Launching Web Shield Action) Review

Spider-Man (Launching Web Shield Action)
Marvel Universe (Toy Biz)
So this Spider-man is absed off of his web armor costume. This exact same action figure was released earlier in the animated series line, but was repainted gold for this one, I don't quite see what this accomplishes, but what the heck, variants are always cool. This figure comes with the standard 8 points of articulation, which I shouldn't have to explain at this point because if you're reading this you should know what they are, even though this figure only has seven, yes only seven, I'm getting to that in a second. This figure would be a lot better if it wasn't for the crappy action feature, yes, the dreaded action figure, ruining your toys' articulation since the beginning of time. This Spider-man shoots a dinky little web shield, which makes no sense, I mean, why would you shoot a shield, this isn't Captain America, It's Spider-man, and last time I checked, a shield was used for defense not offense. Anyway, normally it's not so bad, but the arm is COMPLETELY extended outward, it's not even bent, so it looks bad, EXTREMELY bad. Wrapping it up pretty quickly, this figure isn't bad, it's got a good sculpt, it's a pretty decent, albeit obvious variant for this figure, and if not for the amazingly horrible action feature, I would give this thing a perfect 5.

      by hobbygoblin   Update Review

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