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Baron Zemo Review

Baron Zemo
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 14 - Mojo Series
I got this figure about a month ago at a garadge sale new in the box. I opened him up soon after and was disapointed to descover that his pistle doesn't come out of its holster. The paint job and joints on this guy are decent. I don't like the falat brown on the hands but apart from that the paint job loocks okay. He comes with a small club ecseorie. It is made of rubber and is hard to kepe from getting bent. He also can't hold it very well because it doesn't fit in his hand quet write. Like on the Marvel Legends Bishop he has a peg in his hand but the peg isn't tight unof on him so unlike the Marvel Lends Bishop this guys weapon falls write out. The joints on this figure are goold. The only thing that is really amazing on this figure is the schupt. Like all of the Toy-Biz Marvel Legends the schupt is AMAZING! If you are going to buy this figure I sugest you wait till you sea a goold deal.

      by pock63   Update Review

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