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Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Desert Ambush) Review

Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Desert Ambush)
G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra (Hasbro) - Collection 1 - Wave 1
Figure I got a bit of a backlog of figures needed to be reviewed so let's start at the top shall we? I picked this version of Duke up because the Reactive Impact Armor Duke looks way too thin. Even with the body armor removed, this Duke still looks just right. Duke is wonderfully detailed and very realistic. Slavish attention was put into making him as movie accurate as possible. The dragon skin (yes that's what it's called, look it up) body armor can be removed by undoing a pair of clasps on each side and slid up over his head. The helmet as a digital camera and nightvision goggle set up attached to the front of the helmet and can be lifted up or down over the figure's head. The connection feels a little too weak and that makes me nervous when positioning it so I'd advise being careful. A backpack can be attached to his back with either the body armor on or off. The small nanomite warhead can be placed inside one of two grooves inside the backpack which is a really neat little feature. The three weapons Duke comes with don't actually have a place to store them. A small hole on the side of his leg implies that the handgun was suppose to be able to peg into it, but the handgun lacks a peg. The giant rocket launcher is pretty much a waist of space and can't really be held that well, while both the handgun and rifle fit nicly into either hand. The articulation is standard for modern Joes and all really well put together with no joint feeling too loose or too tight. I real recomend this guy. Four stars out of five.

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