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Beachcomber Review

Transformers - Generation 1 (Hasbro) - Series 2
Beachcomber first appeared in the television series episode "The Insecticon Syndrome", and continued to appear throughout the second season.

His most prominent appearance was in "The Golden Lagoon", he inadvertently brought fighting to a hidden lagoon full of electrum, which had an invulnerability property discovered when the Decepticon Thrust
Thrust (Transformers. Thrust is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes....
coated himself in the golden liquid. This sparked a battle for control over the Lagoon that left the secret forested area a charred wasteland. Beachcomber, who showed his sensitivity for this once peaceful oasis was crest-fallen by the destruction that now laid out in front of him. As his Autobot comrades celebrated another victory over the Decepticons, he closed the episode, sadly looking over the destruction they helped to cause, saying to himself, "We won...
Pyrrhic victory

A Pyrrhic victory is a victory with devastating cost to the victor....".

-from online refference.

The figure, like most G1 minibots, is rather basic. It is molded in color and features rubber tires which were prone to being lost or coming apart at times during rough play. He features the traditional, at the time, heat sensitive insignia on him that shows the typical degradation of the chemicals inside so that the insignia shows all the time. This was a gimmick in the 80s for those who didn't know the characters well and was meant to create a sense of uncertainty to who was on what side. My figure was a gift for my birthday from a friend and is in really good shape with no fading, another problem with some G1 figures, or yellowing. As was typical with the minibot line they didn't have weapons, although I believe one or two later ones came with a weapon.

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