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Cliffjumper (Red) Review

Cliffjumper (Red)
Transformers - Generation 1 (Hasbro) - Series 1
Cliffjumper was part of the original Autobot crew of the Ark. When the Autobots and Decepticons were reawakened, Cliffjumper was given the alternate mode of an Earth car. Cliffjumper and Hound were sent to scout out the location of the Decepticons. Although ordered not to engage the Decepticons, Cliffjumper took the opportunity to try to shoot Megatron, revealing their existence to the Decepticons. Because of this, Hound was blown off the road by Laserbeak - something that made Cliffjumper regret his impulsiveness. Hound, however, didn't blame him, quipping that he was only sorry he missed.
Cliffjumper's bravery was often a boon to the Autobots - as well as a problem. In the episode "Changing Gears", Cliffjumper's rash actions helped the Autobots get past a Decepticon force field and stop their Solar Needle device from destroying the sun.[3]

Cliffjumper's most prominent appearance came in the second season episode "Traitor", where he developed the belief that Mirage had sold them out to the Decepticons after missing a Decepticon power plant while on patrol. Mirage then devised a scheme to prove he wasn't a traitor, setting the Decepticons and Insecticons against each other. However, Cliffjumper had followed him, and misinterpreted his actions. Reporting back to base, Cliffjumper took Prime to see for himself - only to run into an ambush, as Mirage betrayed them. The reason soon became apparent - Mirage had been implanted by one of Bombshell's cerebro shells. After the Decepticon plant's destruction, Cliffjumper apologised to Mirage.

-online source.

Cliffjumper is a superdeformed version of a sports car, like the other minibots, and is molded in red plastic. The down side to this design style, shared with Bumblebee, and the odd hybrid they made that had the body of one character and the head of the other on it, is that the heads are held in place with 2 plastic pins that break easily and also wear down causing the part to fall into the open position in vehicle mode. Another problem with this design is that the constant transformation of the head area causes wear and tear on the decal on the the back of the head. The figure features rubber tires and no weapons. Another downfall of this design, again shared with Bumblebee, is that the arms are on pegs that slide out away from the main body and can become loose and flop around. The legs also where notorious for popping out of the body when you played too rough and they were hard to get back in without damaging the figure.

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