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Jet Bradley Review

Jet Bradley
Tron 2.0 (Neca)
Jethro Eugene "Jet" Bradley is a fictional character within the TRON universe. He is depicted as the young adult son of Alan & Lora Bradley. He is featured prominently in both the video game TRON 2.0 & the comic book series Tron: The Ghost in the Machine. At the start of TRON 2.0, Jet Bradley works for the company ENCOM. He has a strained relationship with his father, Alan Bradley, based on several factors, including generational differences as well as coping with the loss of his mother, Lora Bradley, in a work-related accident. Events in the game force Jet to be teleported into the computer world. Once inside the computer world, he eventually befriends characters such as Mercury & Ma3a. With these characters, he eventually frees his father from imprisonment, prevents a rival company from acquiring advanced proprietary technology from ENCOM & destroys a virus that was spreading across the computer world.

The figure is pretty game accurate, featuring dark blue armor with the usual Tron-like light blue circuitry like lines. He comes with an updated disk. He is part of a four figure set that was released. The articulation is pretty basic sadly with it mostly being hips, arms, and head. The paint applications are very good with little or no problems, the quality of the figure overall is very good as well. The lack of accessories is annoying as he had several extra weapons beyond the disc in the game. The costs of the figures at roughly $50.00 before shipping for the 4 is rather steep and this figure by itself was 20.00 before shipping. Overall it is a treat for Tron fans but not for everyone.

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