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Bumblebee Review

Transformers - Classics (Hasbro) - Deluxe
Bumblebee's primary function in the original Transformers animated series and comics was to serve as the "young" character with whom the youthful viewing audience could identify, and he would befriend the Autobots' primary human ally - the young son of the Witwicky family (Buster in the Marvel comic - see issue #1 - and Spike in the cartoon) - to this end, a concept that persists into the 2007 live-action film. Although a well-known character because of this, Bumblebee is quite unusual in that, unlike many other Transformers, his name has not been re-used and applied to unrelated characters throughout the ensuing twenty years of Transformers media, due to the loss of the trademark until recently. His role as the "young yellow character", however, has inspired other Transformers characters with the same role such as Cheetor and Hot Shot.

One of the most beloved G1 characters for most younger viewers he was given a very modern but appropriate form in this line. Fairly easy to transform he comes with a jet ski that turns into a jetpack but doesn't come with any weapons. The paint application is good with the parts molded in color for the most part. As with the original G1 line he isn't in any sort of scale with the other vehicles and later reappears in red as Cliffjumper. As with most of this line he comes with the heat sensitive decal that was popular in the 80s on all Transformers.

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