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Winston Zeddemore (with Trap) Review

Winston Zeddemore (with Trap)
Ghostbusters (Mattel) - 6" Scale
First up for review is Winston who gets to be lucky number 1. Winston is made by Mattel was only available on Mattycollector. He’s priced at $20.00 U.S but you will have had to factor shipping into the mix. I paid about $31.00 with shipping in Canadian dollars.

Sculpt. 8/10

Winston has an excellent likeness of Ernie Hudson. Many believe him to have the best likeness of the Ghostbusters Classics figure released so far. The rest of his body reused from the other busters but is really well sculpted from the details on his belt to the awesome proton pack. The pack is really well sculpted and is very detailed. Over all the sculpting is very good.

Paint 6/10

My other two busters have excellent paint. Winston is a bit lacking in this department. The other two busters I had a very nice and detailed paint job on the proton pack. The paint on the wires is poorly painted and just ugly. The proton pack lacks the silver weathering the other two had. The proton pack does not look anywhere as nice as my other two or even in general. The rest of the paint is very good no slop and is neat and looks good.

Accessories 3/10

Not much in this department. Winston comes with his particle wand and a trap. The wand is made of a stiffer plastic than Egon’s. The trap opens manually and a light up effect can be placed in the trap. The trap does not feature a spring load mechanism. You are stuck to prying the trap open with your fingers and closing it with your fingers. I’m disappointed as the trap counts as the pack in ghost. I would have liked something more than just a tiny trap and a light up effect. I think all the busters should come with a trap minus the light up effect plus a ghost. To add insult to injury there is no place to hang the trap on Winston’s belt.

Articulation 9/10

Winston features 26 points of articulation. He is more poseable than MOTUC and DCUC. You will no trouble getting him to pose in a wide verity of way. Over all very good articulation.

Things to watch for

My Winston had very loose legs. He can stand but it is harder to stand him than normal because of the looseness. His right hand has trouble gripping the wand. The wand slide out of his hand very easily.

Overall 7/10

Winston is a good to average buy. He does have some great point such as high poa and a god likeness of the actor. On the other hand weak paint high price and QC issue lowers the score. But who am I kidding all die hard Ghostbusters fans will be picking him up…I know I did.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

User Comments
Top-notch comix - Tuesday, March 9, 2010
I''ve been meaning to post for a month or two, but I keep forgetting... The trap-pedal connector hose comes out of the back of the trap... I thought I had broken it off when I first (accidentily) found out! haha
... FYI...

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