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Black Canary Review

Black Canary
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 9
Black Canary is a huge letdown for me .The sculpt is nice as it always is.expertly done by the Four Horsemen.The main problem with this figure is its articulation.The points are: head ,torso,waist,hips,thigh,knee,ankle,arms.bicep.elbows and wrists.The hips only go up and down and don't have the dcuc signature in and out legs.The head articulation is super limited because of black canary's hair.The best thing I could think of this figure is its awesome real fishnets she's wearing.It's certainly a nice touch to this figure.Overall,if you don't have the dc direct justice black canary and is desperate for a chemo or a completionist,Then you must pick up thisone.If not,Black canary is a pass.

      by playercustoms   Update Review

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