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Wildcat (Blue) Review

Wildcat (Blue)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 9
I actually have both versions of wildcat.I prefer the blue version mainly because that the paint is more clean on the blue one.My black version is so bad at paint so if you wnt to buy one only,definetly buy the blue one.Anyway, wildcat has the standard buck DC uses for most of its charcters.Widcat features new head and gloves and feet.The headsculpt is actually pretty good.It looks removeable but its not.The mask is done verywell by the four horsemen.Well done on that.The gloves has prettyamazing detail .the bandages are done well and the fists can certainly kick some butt.The full range of movement allows wildcat to put some amazing poses.I personally love the ct feet as the nails are done so well! Great addition to the DCUC line and must-pick up for JSA lovers.You might want to consider picking up this guy even if you are just a casual collector.

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