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Superman / Brainiac Review

Superman / Brainiac
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - 2-Packs
Okay.probaly the 2-pack not to get.The superman is complete reuse.The head is from eradicator from wave 5.The body is from superman from wave 6.It's not bad.....but mattel could certainly give us omething new.the brainiac sculpt feature some new elements.notalbly the head,collar and that's it. The sculpt on the head is pretty good .has a calm face as brainiac always has.The main problem certainly is the paint.The shirt has different purple on it.What a disaster! Overll, both figures have standard range of movement and if youwant a classic brainiac all so badly.By the brainac loose on evilbay and repaint him yourself.The superman is pass unless you are a die hard superman fan and you musthave one with heatvision eyes

      by playercustoms   Update Review

User Comments
pock63 - Saturday, February 6, 2010
I really want that superman with the red eiys! As fore the Brainiac I think I''ll pass on him.

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