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Chemo (Collect & Connect) Review

Chemo (Collect & Connect)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 9
I've just completed chemo!After visiting my local comics shop I came out with the entire wave9,wave 8and wave 7.Hapy weekend!Chemo's sculpt is a piece of beauty,the bubbles and gauntlets are done expertly by the four horsemen.Well done on that! the tubes on chemo's back connect to his arms .nice touch on that!The body is transparent so it gives a bubbly fell to it. The articulation on chemo is below standard (even for a DC direct) No head,torso,in and out legs.The upper and lower half also keep seperating from each other.This causes a problem during playing but won't cause to much fuss on the shelf.Overall, Chemo is a pretty nice figure. He's more or less the same height as giganta,the tallest C&C figure.He's not worth 50 bucks or 60.But for a strong wave like this.Chemo is a plesant touch.

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