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Spectre (Glow in the Dark Skin) Review

Spectre (Glow in the Dark Skin)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 12
First I would like to mention that spectre is a member of wave 12,not wave 11.I've just recieved a package from a website consisting of 2 spectres ,2 mary marvels and 1 Dr.mid-nite.All from wave 12.Anyway ,the first figure I opened was the glow in the dark spectre,the one I am most thrilled for.I immediatly tested the glow in the dark feature and It really worked.It does glow in the dark! However,you need to pay the price -----the detail.There is no detail on this variant,no shading no color variation no everything.It's your choice wheter you are willing to pay the price.I sure am.(cause I bought 2!)The sculpt on the cape is briliant.It has tons of details all over the cape.The buttons,the hoos are sculpted nicely.He also has new sculpted hands.They are open and are like casting spells on other superheroes.Which one to buy,you say? Depends really on you. If you prefer detail over the glow in the dark.Pick up the other one.I recommend you to pick up this one.Cause its special.

      by playercustoms   Update Review

User Comments
Therapist - Thursday, March 11, 2010
Isnt that the normal one that you have pictured the glow in the dark ones flesh looks kinda skeetish

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