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Doc Ock (with Tentacle Attack Action) Review

Doc Ock (with Tentacle Attack Action)
Spider-Man 2 - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Alright, I picked this guy up at a sale because I needed a place holder. Surprisingly enough, he's a great figure. The likeness is stunning, looks exactly like the actor whose name escaped me at the moment. Anyway, he has ML grade articulation and his bendable tentacles is are amazing, great for posing AND playing. My one complaint about this guy is that he's too heavy to be supported by his tentacles, which would be really fun to see. Other than that, this guy is a must have, probably my avorite Doc Ock figure to date, and I honestly doubt we'll see one nearly as good any time soon, especially because his comic outfit just looks downright ridiculous. So the bottom line is, if you see this guy, especially if he's cheap, I would do the smart thing and buy him. He's a fun figure with some unique features to keep you from getting the same Spider-Man with a different paint job yet again. Yeah, don't try to sit there and tell me that you've never done it before, we all have, and Hasbro cashes in every time. Okay, I'm ranting, anyway, great sculpt, great articulation, great features, just a great figure, a must have!

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