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Batman Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 10
So I was lucky to snag this guy when DCUCs were at their scarcest. I was walking over by Walmart one day, and ebing the fan of Keatonman I am (lol rhyme) I just had to grab him. He looks rpetty good, the movie outfit with a comic face, good blend indeed. His bat laptop provides a good amount of loling, although it is surprisingly intricate and I find myself placing him on my computer desk, pretending he's blogging. The paint apps are solid, not a stray mark in sight (with all black and a symbol it'd be pretty embarassing if there was). The sculpt is nothing special however. But that's where the figure loses face with me. Other than the bat laptop (or battop, whatever) this guy isn't all that special. He even makes it hard for me to find cool poses for him to stand in (emphasis on cool) and with all the Batmans that I already have, I find it hard to see him standing out among the others. So while this guy is a nostalgia bomb to the fullest, he just fails to bring in the fun that a Batman toy should, and will blend into your Batman collection like a Chinese man in Hong Kong.

      by Azrael   Update Review

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