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Azrael Review

Batman - Knight Force Ninjas (Kenner)
As an Azrael fan, I feel it's my duty to give this figure a review. This is Azrael's first figure as Azrael and not Batman, the only other fig of him as Azrael is from DC Superheroes/DC Universe Classics. Azrael stands at about 6 inches. He doesn't have much articulation other than the standard 5 points (and his torso spins with his action feature). His sculpt is pretty accurate with solid paint apps. The figure's style is reminiscent of Batman the Animated Series, but that may be intentional. His action feature is pretty good and doesn't hinder what articulation he has. His cape and cowl however are annoying as fugizzle. It's not too comic accurate (in terms of length or later design), and it's a one piece hard plastic cape, so it goes off center whenever you use his action feature. He comes with some pretty cool accessories including a flaming gauntlet and sword (however both are plain unpainted yellow). He also comes with a robot thing he can slice up. Over all this is a decent figure for those who have simpler tastes in figures and a liking for "the greatest hero you'll never know" then this is a must have figure. But if you want a great Azrael figure, shell out the extra money for the DCSH one, according to AT&T "When you compare, there's no comparison".

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