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Bruce Lee (Rage for Justice) Review

Bruce Lee (Rage for Justice)
Miracle Action Figures (Medicom)
This is a great figure especially for the price of $12 each I bought all three in the series and being a customizer I interchanged the hands to so this figure would have a fist and opened hand to give that authentic look. This figure is very poseable and durable. I've had it for more than ten years! The ankles did break off but I simply glued them back on and still pose (play with) it from time to time. I also drilled a hole in fist so that he could hold his nunchuks from one of the other figures in the series. Basically this is a great figure for any collector especially since you can mix n match the hands and accessories w/ the other two figures in the series. This one is the best likeness of Bruce Lee. This is the best Bruce Lee figure ever when you consider price, poseability and likeness hands down!

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