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Hush (Masked) Review

Hush (Masked)
DC Infinite Heroes (Mattel) - Wave 1
Alright, so I've always sort of liked Hush, and I know that the only other figure of him is... well... the HUSH one. Anyway, Hush is a unique Infinite heroes mold, trench coat, new sleeves, and a unique body that'd be hard to re use, so for now, Hush is the most unique Infinite Hero out there. I picked him up purely because I wanted to bulk up my 1:18 DC collection and needed some villains at the same time. His paint apps are good, and while he can't pull off many dynamic poses, I've never seen Hush be very dynamic anyway, so no harm no foul. One of the few tings I don't like about Hush is that his pupils are visible, I've always prefered when characters have blank white eyes, but like the poor articulation, I can get past this. I dunno, I guess with a 1:18 standard, just like every other old Infinite Hero, Hush falls short, yet on the scale of older Infinite Heroes, he's among one of the ebst, just because everything about him is unique as opposed to the same buck body with a different head. So if you happen to find this guy, I'd buy him, he's a pretty cool addition to any Infinite collection, and Hush is always a cool guy to have around regardless. To finish this review off, sorry if it's a bit unintelligent, I'm tired and just wanted to tell people about this thing.

      by Azrael   Update Review

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