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Zartan Review

G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra (Hasbro) - Collection 2 - Wave 1
Zartan master of disguise and leader of the dreadnoks biker gang.When we think of Zartan we usually think of a hooded figure who is stealthy as he is dangrous.But in the film he was differnt he was still stealthy clever and dangrous he was also a master of diguise too but he didn't look like the iconic version I mean at least in the end Destro ends up looking like he usally does but Zartan didn't.I mean I quite liked the character for the film he was original in asense but also brought back some parts of the classic character.Zartan was one of the first figures to be realesed for the movie line.The figure iself is ok he is dressed in a pit commando atire with an interchangable head.The headsculpt is quite good and does sport the actor well the only thing is he has two scars coming from his eyes and as I recall he doesn't have these in the movie.The figure itself is a litle boring for Zartan aswell.I will be looking foward to a diffrent version of zartan for the movie line.The figure could be could for a custom though so keep that in mind.Thanks for reading

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