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Spider-Man (Spin 'N Trap) Review

Spider-Man (Spin 'N Trap)
Spider-Man (2002) (Toy Biz) - Series 14
SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED! Yeah, that's right, this amazing costume has been transformed into toy form by our lord and savior of the industry, Toy Biz! With wonderful paint apps and articulation (minus the one arm, who's hindered by an action feature). The only thing missing from this is a cartoon accurate face (not complaining too much) and a cape (apparently I'm the only one who liked that part). It comes with a fun Venom display (originally Venom 2099, what happened to that?) jumping out from behind a box. Toy target practice I suppose. Hey, everyone needs to brush up on their skills occasionally right? Anyway, I could continue on my fanboy crazy rant, but all I can say in the end is that I enjoy this figure so much, that even the action feature doesn't annoy me, and I just use the cape from SMO Spidey 2099. So if you enjoyed the cartoon, this may be your only option for a Spider-Man unlimited figure, if you didn't you can't say the costume wasn't great. I got this figure for 20 dollars, whichw as good since I was willing to pay that for a figure of the Unlimited costume, but I figure many of you will want to pay less for this, and you probably should.

      by Azrael   Update Review

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