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Snake Eyes (City Strike) Review

Snake Eyes (City Strike)
G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra (Hasbro) - Collection 1 - Wave 5
Yup, that's right. I have him, you don't! City Strike Snake eyes is unspeakably fun. Actually, that's not true, if the fun factor was unspeakable, I wouldn't be writing this would I? Anyway, he's got a cool sculpt, I think it's his costume from Resolute, but I never watched it. He comes with a multitude of accessories and weapons that add to the fun, including a grappling hook back pack (it's what I sue it for) swords, guns, and more! His articulation is the same as all the other figures in the line, which is good. He's got an original body, then again, I've never seen a sculpt reused for other characters (something Hasbro has yet to learn when it comes to Marvel Universe figures). This figure isn't just fun to pose, he's fun to play with, something that's great for a collector, because what cures boredom better than risking your manly dignity playing with toys? City Strike Snake Eyes is definitely the definition of a fun toy. All in all I would buy him again. I kind of have to, since I used what many consider to be in the league of Joe Holy Grail for a custom, in your faces XP

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