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Danger Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Queen Brood Series
I'll admit, I hate using the word, but Danger is definitely a "nifty" figure. She has a unique sculpt and a face that captures her character perfectly. She has some translucent plastic on her torso that really adds to the character of the figure. I've always loved translucent plastic, it always adds flavor, and it's unique. I mean Along Came A Spider Spider-Carnage would only be half the figure if he wasn't translucent. Anyway, my favorite part of the figure is the wings. You will never find an accessory like that again. He webbed wings add an ominous glow to the figure that makes it all the cooler. Her articulation is good, and her paint is great, but sadly, her two open hands give her a messiah feel that counteracts the doomsday feeling the rest of her gives off. A bit disappointing, but thena gain, what other options did they have? All in all, Danger can be a great figure if you get her for the right price, or a slightly disappointing one if you don't. I would set her limit at around 12 dollars, shipping included, any more and it may be kind of a disappointment. If it's under, definitely worth the money.

      by Azrael   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Thursday, April 22, 2010
I agree. I have to give Hasbro some rare credit (from me) for that one.

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