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Fantastic Four (4 Figures) Review

Fantastic Four (4 Figures)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Box Sets
I'm reviewing the super cool Fantastic 4 gift set made in 2004 by Toybiz. It includes a 7" Thing with 30 points of articulation. He has a new head sculpt, grinding his teeth like he is ready for clobberin time! His fingers are hinged; improved over the series 2 version.

Mr. Fantastic has 38 points of articulation and comes with a lab coat and a transformed rubber ball version of Stretcho himself.

Invisible Woman has 40 points of articulation. She comes with an invisible stand and is making her debut in this line. A clear version of her is also available in a variant set.

Human Torch has 34 points of articulation and lokks like Johnny Storm getting ready to flame on into the torch. All of these figures are decked out in their classic navy and white outfits and come with a neat Fantastic 4 logo display base.

Dr. Doom has 24 points of articulation. His face is damaged due to his acciddent and his face mask is removable. He also comes with his own custom display base.

Also included are bonus figures Herbie the Robot from the 1970's animated series and little Franklin Richards. The set comes with a special poster book with 18 pages of awesome full color pictures. The back of the box has bio's for the figures and rates their powers.

I highly recommend this set of detailed figures. If you are fans of the comic or cartoons you won't be disappointed by the only Fantastic 4 set out there.

      by CosmicCollector   Update Review

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