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Union Jack Review

Union Jack
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Wave 4
okay, so I'm not really sure how I should feel about this Union Jack figure. He comes with some parts that other figures have yet to recycle which is obviously a plus, but his body...I never liked it. Long neck, beefy upper torso, it's like unless it's on moon knight, it really can't look good. Union Jack's paint job can vary greatly depending on what you're looking at. When I went to go buy it there was one that was god awful, hands down terrible, made me want to puke, and one that wasn't as bad. He comes with some nice accessories and a cool belt... that's... cool I guess. I think what I like most about this figure is the head sculpt, which looks just like the Marvel Legends Union Jack. Then again, come to think of it, that and the accessories are the ONLY cool thing about this figure, other than that it's just a badly painted reissue body that I can easily say I will never like or appreciate. Actually, I'm really not sure why Hasbro likes this character so much, they've done an MU and ML of Union Jack, and nothing of Captain Britain. Whatever, keep trying Hasbro, when you come out with something stellar, I'll be glad to dish out 8.50 for it.

      by Azrael   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, April 26, 2010
I love this character (being british and all) but they never seem to do him juztice and the hasbro captain britain was awfull too

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