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Adam Strange / Starfire (Mattycollector) Review

Adam Strange / Starfire (Mattycollector)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Exclusives
I'm having mixed feeling about this set.Sure! both charcaters are an important part of my collection,but I haven't really grown on them.I really don't know why.You see,I think that starfire's body is a bit skinny, I would have prefered if mattel used the power girl/wonder woman/artemis body.I think it would have fit o'l starfire here better.My starfire's paint apps are fine.No major quality issues .Articulation is standard for DCUC and works really well with m growing teen titans collection.

Adam strange is an another story.I don't like this costume.It should have many raised elements and Mattel has don nothing.Adam sports a broken leg and a broken bicep.Mattel, come on.........

Overall.This set is probaly reserved for people that love DCUC, No one should avoid them but hope you don't come across some of the QC issues I had.

      by playercustoms   Update Review

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