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Col. Miles Quaritch Review

Col. Miles Quaritch
Avatar (Mattel) - Movie Masters
Let me begin by saying that Avatar was not my favorite movie of the year, though I did enjoy it, I promise to not be biased or anything. Though I have to admit Quaritch became my favorite character because the movie drug on so long that I wanted to set everything on fire in that forest too.

Articulation: Well in comparison to most figures recently I have to admit his articulation is great. Certainly not anything like an old Marvel Legends figure, but he has his done very well. Shoulders, elbows, hips, knees; they all feature 2 different movement styles in those areas. The articulation is done well for how few points there only seem to be while he's in package.

Sculpt: It's great as well. Though the outfit that he wears as the figure only made a single scene appearance in the movie the likeness is very well done. His vest features what looks like MOLLE webbing and the back even looks to have a hydration carrier. The face isn't angry, but very calm and collect, very stern, spot on with the character.

Paint: O.o I'm always impressed by a good camo paint job. The camo itself never seems to be skewed onto any other parts. The scars on the head are just a little off and the some things just look a tad to glossy. Over all they did well and nothing look sloppy.

Accessories: 3 guns and a vest... not bad, but I feel there could be something more. I mean the guns don't even have a missle to launch, but over all character accurate.

4.5/5 over all, very well done.

      by 50percentJoe   Update Review

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