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Raiden Review

Mortal Kombat (Jazwares) - Series 1 - Deception
GOD OF THUNDER AND ROCK AND ROLL (the spell you're under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul). Anyway, this here is the God of Thunder, Raiden. I managed to get this guy cheap, which is saying something considering it's a Mortal kombat figure. He looks pretty good in every way. Decent paint, pretty good sculpt, my only tiny peeve is that his arms seem to be a bit too long. Anyway, he can pull of some pretty sick Thunder God poses. Such as shooting lighting... and shooting lightning... and slapping someone. Okay fine, not a lot of poses you can pull off, but the ones you can are still pretty good I guess, and it's not like I'm playing with him, so one display pose is fine for me. Raiden isn't as good as Scorpion, and he's around the same level of good as Sub Zero, which granted is still good. I dunno, I guess I like raiden, it's just my few nit picks that keep me from LOVING this figure. I'd buy it for the price I did, but nothing more, that's for sure. I payed less than 20 dollars, including shipping, but 20 is definitely the highest I'd go. And that's because I'm a FAN!

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