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Spider-Man (Spider-Sense) Review

Spider-Man (Spider-Sense)
Marvel Legends Showdown (Toy Biz) - Battle Booster Packs - Series 2
Hey Hasbro, guess what? I never get tired of saying this, but EAT YOUR HEART OUT, TOY BIZ BEAT YOU AT THIS YEARS AGO!!! That's right, try putting a Marvel Legends SHowdownS pider-Man side by side with MU Spider-Man and you cans ee the difference in quality. Not only is the articulation better, but MLS Spidey's knees aren't on his shins! He has as much articulation as a Marvel Legends figure, which is why I love this line. His height is definitely in proportion, he stands at the same height as MU Black Spider-Man. And oh my god his sculpt is downright godly. Spider-Man has every proper detail, perfect eyes, perfect symbol, perfect webbing. Hell, even the paint apps are good, sporting perfect colors and paint. Gotta love it! I'm trying to think of a problem I have with this figure, but I can't come up with anything, why not? Well, obviously because it's GREAT! That's right, shell out the extra cash for this if you want a 1:18 Spider-Man because let's face it, Hasbro is not cool at this! So go buy yourself a Marvel Legends Showdown Spidey because once again, Toy Biz has exerted the dominance it showed off for years, before Hasbro gave us mediocre figure after mediocre figure. We'll miss you Toy Biz!

      by Azrael   Update Review

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