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Rex "The Doctor" Lewis Review

Rex "The Doctor" Lewis
G.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra (Hasbro) - Collection 1 - Wave 3
Oh man, where to start on this thing? It's just 5 dollars worth of AWESOME! I mean, I like every part of this guy. To start, he's essentially psycho mantis in a wig and lab coat, which is cool, and his accessories are flat out amazing! He comes with a briefcase with 3 nuclear reactors inside, followed by two Freddy Krueger type gauntlet claws. His wig, coat, and gas mask are all removable, which leaves a head that looks like a mellowed out, unmasked Deadpool. The figure itself is pretty nice, but since I wasn't a fan of the character, I just bought the toy for the awesome accessories and the possibilities of a psycho mantis. Anyway, this figure is pretty cool, which I've said a million times, so you the reader, must wonder "Why all this praise and only a 4/5?" well that's because coming right out of the package one side of his knee joint snapped. It's one of those incidents where you think "It could've been much worse, what if the entire leg broke?" Yeah, flimsy plastic is easily a point off. Still, it could've just been mine, and this toy is so great I'm willing to excuse it. Review over, toy enjoyed.

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