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Lobo (SDCC) Review

Lobo (SDCC)
DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Exclusives
Listen up ya bastich’s!!!! Dis ere’ is the review ya been watin’ for! That’s right da Main Man himself got a action figure made of him. Just don’t call it a doll or I’ll frag ya inta the next universe!!!! You see da main Man is so awesome they couldn’t release him in stores because he all dem geeks would buy him instead of all them other big cheese’s. So I beat th’ the tar out of dem Matel executives to make me into plastic. So dem Mattel geekwads released this figure back in 2008 as a SDCC exclusive. This action figure is big bad just like me and stands about 8 inches which is just the size of th’ main man’s…

Paint- 5

Great pain on Lobo. The colours are bright and well applied. The details are nicely applied and look great. I enjoy the dark blood splotches on his boots. It looks like Lobo has been stomping some geekwads into the ground…for fun of course.

Sculpt -5

The sculpt is great!!!! This is the rendition of the Main Man I have been looking for. He looked like he just stepped off the comic pages it real life. Lot’s of detail. He looks great! Please note that Lobo shares the same body as C&C desperado. There are lots of new tooling for Lobo but there is a lot of reuse between the two.

Articulation 4

Lobo features standard DCUC poa which clocks in around 20+ poa. He features ball shoulders, bicep, elbow, wrist, waist, ball head, ab crunch, Mattel hips, thigh, knee, ankle. It’s a good amount of poa and he can certainly be posed in a variety a ways. Just keep I mind he is not super articulated as some ML are but he has decent enough possibility plus his joints don’t ruin the over look of the figure like some super articulated ML do.

Accessories 5

Lobo comes with lots of accessories. He comes with a big ol’ cannon to blast anyone who ticks him off. He also comes with a pistol which can be holstered on his belt. He comes with his trademark hook and chain. The chain is real metal and is attached to Lobo’s right arm so you won’t lose it or have it come off. He comes with a pair of 3D glasses because Lobo demands his movies to be in 3d!!!!!!!! Finally he comes with his faithful pet Dwag. Dwag is really well sculpted and his head is articulated. Over all a great set of accessories!

Over all this is an awesome figure!!! However there have been complaints that he is out of scale with the rest of DCUC figures. It is true Lobo is out of scale. He is C&C size and out of scale with the rest of the DCUC figures. For some this will bother some for me I don’t mind. I tend to think Lobo as being a extra special premium figure so it’s fitting for him to be larger. I’ve never been big on scale so I’m fine with it but it’s up to you to decide if you can live with it.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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