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T-800 {Pescadero Escape} Review

T-800 {Pescadero Escape}
Terminator 2 (Neca) - Series 1
I have always been a fan of the Terminator franchise. I love watching Arnold getting shot with little to no effect. Arnold really made the movie. His huge muscular from really made him an imposing bad (and good) guy. He kicked no shortage of butt in the movies. Whither he’s shooting police in the legs or wrestling with the T-100 he does it with style. T2 really upped the ante in action and special effects. Arnold makes the transformation from villain to hero. I love that movie and I have waited a long time for a decent line of toys to go with it. Fortunately NECA heard me and made the T2 line. The T-800 stands about 7 inches tall.

Paint- 5

The paint job on this figure is great! The skin tone looks great is has no slop. The clothing is black with a dry brush of light grey to bring out the details. Little details like buckles are painted silver neatly.

Sculpt -5+

Amazing!!!! Simply perfect!! The sculpt is 100% dead on. The head sculpt looks exactly like Arnold did back in 1990. This is one of the best likenesses I’ve ever seen at this scale. The outfit is great too. NECA is known for great sculpt and they really raised the bar.

Articulation 3

Here is where the controversy starts. Above the belt Arnold is very articulated but below the belt there is hardly any. His arms have ball shoulders, ball elbows and wrists. His legs feature a lonely 1 poa. His neck is a ball and he has a waist joint too. Some people are happy he’s not a complete statue but some are mad at the lack of leg poa. I’m in the camp where I can live with it. I rather have arm poa than leg. Yeah I’d prefer to have full poa but I’m only really going to display in one position so it doesn’t bother me. So I give him average marks.

Accessories 1

Not much here. He comes with his shotgun and that’s it. Not even a base. I think NECA could have included the rose box and his handgun but they didn’t. They could have even included the gun from the man or machine Arnold and paint it black and you get an extra accessory on the cheap. No new tooling but they didn’t. Such a wasted opportunity here.

Over all this is a great figure. If you are a fan of T2 or Arnold I recommend picking this figure up. The sculpt alone makes it worth owning. It makes a great display piece

      by CplHicks   Update Review

User Comments
wesr - Friday, May 7, 2010
I agree all their t2 stuff is nice but they got cheap on accessories, they''re getting that way with all their figures.

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