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Bruce Review

My Name is Bruce (Dark Horse Comics)
I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan!!!! I love the stuff he’s in. The poor guy has been working since he was a kid and never really got a break. Forever doomed to be in B grade movies yet he has still built up a huge fan base of loyal fans. Bruce Campbell is the most popular guy that nobodies heard of. Bruce has had some of the best one liners in movie history. One of his more recent movies got a toy made of him. My Name is Bruce features Bruce Campbell as…Bruce Campbell! So here you have he first Bruce Campbell figure as himself! Bruce here stands at 12 inches tall.

Paint- 3

Not much paint here because his clothing is cloth not sculpted. The flesh tone is fairly realistic and doesn’t have any slop. The eyes are poorly done and made out to be little beady black dots. Part of the problems with the eyes lie with the sculpt too and I’ll get to that later.

Sculpt -2.5

For the most part it’s Bruce Campbell. The hair is especially well done. The over all features of the face is certainly Bruce Campbell. However, it’s those eyes that ruin it. Those weird protruding beady little eyes that throw off the whole look of the figure. The figure would be ten times better if the problems with the eye were fixed. Yeah you can look at it and say “yup that’s Bruce Campbell” but those eyes hold back the sculpt from being excellent.

Articulation 3

Average poa here. He can be posed but he’s not Hot Toys True Type or Sideshow Prometheus body. Considering his price tag of $60.00 I wasn’t expecting super articulated but he an old some fun poses. Over all average but you get what you pay for.

Accessories 5

Oh man does Bruce really rock this category he comes with 7 accessories. He comes with a big honking gun or his 31 longbow (with price tag still attached) He comes with a bottle of refreshing lemon drink, old tyme shemps whiskey, action figure who looks like Ash. He also comes with a copy of his book “Chins” which looks exactly like the real book. Finally he comes with an angel and a devil version of himself who can attach to his shoulders via magnets to fight over what he should do. All the accessories are well sculpted and can be held in his hands.

Over all he’s an average figure but the coolness factor of Bruce Campbell brings up higher. The MSRP for him is $60.00 which isn’t bad when Sideshow starts at $90.00. Over all he’s a fun figure to own as who wouldn’t want his own personal Bruce Campbell?

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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