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Cylon Centurion Review

Cylon Centurion
Battlestar Galactica (Diamond Select) - Series 2
I’ve always been into Science Fiction. I missed watching Battlestar Galactica when it was on T.V. I’ve always wanted to see it. I walked into my local Wal-Mart and they had a sale on the first season so I bought it. I was hooked immediately. The show was awesome!!! But the thing that really drew me to it was those tall sleek dangerous looking Centurions. I love endo skeletons from Terminator so this was a perfect match. This mechanical grunt is 7.5 inches tall.

Paint- 5

There isn’t a lot of paint on this figure. It’s mostly just silver and black. The paint is smooth even and well applied with sharp lines between the black and the silver. The eye has a bit of red that is painted in a way to make it look like it is moving back and forth. It really is a clever and cool little paint app.

Sculpt -5

This figure is beautiful. I know some of the humans were not as well sculpted but this cylon is prefect. The sculpt is crisp and clean. The edges are well defined and look great. This figure is probably one of the best sculpted figures in this line hands down!

Articulation 4

This Centurion boasts a whopping 22+ poa! A sad trend in action figures is the highly detailed adult collectables based on movie and T.V properties often are not articulated well. Not this figure. Plenty of posing possibilities here. In fact the whole line features similar poa. DST really went overboard with making sure this line was poseable. He (it?) is not super articulated like some ML but he has some great joints such as ball shoulders, ball elbows, writs, ball hips, thigh, knee, ankle, waist, upper torso and a neck that features 3 poa.

Accessories 5

This human killing machine comes with 2 pairs of hands and the machine guns can be popped off and replace with a normal plate to simulate the guns in rest mode. It’s not bad considering he’s a mindless robot killing machine. In fact I can’t think of adding anything else to be honest. Just watch the machine gun plates on mine they were glued to the figure so I can’t swap them out. So if it happens to you don’t try to rip them off or you might damage the arm.

Over all this is a great toy! Amazing sculpt, decent poa, good accessories and a great paint job. If you are looking to add a robot foot solider to your collection I recommend this one!!! I really can’t find much fault with it expect for the QC error on mine. If you are a fan of battlestar Galactica or just murderous robots I recommend you pick this figure up.

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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