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Deathstroke Review

DC Infinite Heroes (Mattel) - 75 Years of Super Power
Alright, I guess I get the privilege of being the first to review this. First elt me jsut say thank you to Mattel for honoring my requests for a Deathstroke, now just put out Jean Paul valley Azrael and I'm rpetty sure we're set. If you do I'll buy 100 Infintie Heroes as a thank you. Moving on, Deathstroke is a consistently good character in comics, and it's fun to watch him bring beating after beating to generation after generation of Titans, Teen Titans, and on occasion the Justice League. Sadly, he doesn't have a lot of figures. On a related note, he doesn't have a lot of commic accurate figures, which this certainly doesn't help. Let me start with the reasons this isn't a 5. He's blue and silver,a s opposed to dark blue and light blue on the scales. I dunno, I guess it looks kind of cool, but once again, Deathstroke is missing his neck guard. I dunno if that painted silver circle is supposed to be it, but it doesn't count. Plus his face is a bit too bony, and I like the opaque white circle where you can't see his eye. Alright, now on to the good. For those of you who have been staying away from Infinite Heroes, now is a good time to start picking them up. Their articulation has improved a vast amount. Deathstroke has more articulation than a Marvel Universe. Here's a good idea, think of a Wolverine Origins figure, now instead of a torso swivel give is a waist swivel, and you know the swiveling double hitches on the elbows? Put them on the knees too. Congrats, you now have a new Infinite Hero. The paint apps are pretty good, not a single stray mark on Deathstroke here, that's a slap in the face to Hasbro. I guess the one thing keeping em from blowing all my money on these figures is the fact that they're still not in scale with GI Joes and MUs. They're 3.5 inches as opposed to 3.75. It saddens me, so I'll only get characters I REALLY want. Still, that doesn't stop Deathstroke from being a great Infinite Hero and an all around great figure. I don't see him a lot (only the time I bought him, there was one in stock) so if you see him pick it up.

      by Azrael   Update Review

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