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Vigilante Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 8
I must say I am very impressed with Mattel DCUC classics line. It looks so good. I’ve never been hardcore into comics so I don’t really know a lot about a lot of the character selection for this line. Wave 8 was the Giganta wave. I really wanted to build her so I set out to buying the figures I needed. I picked Vigilante thinking I just wanted the baf piece he came with. I knew very little of him. I looked up his bio online and I learned he was DC’s answer to Marvel’s Punisher. He seemed pretty cool so I started to pick up the modern comics (sadly I only picked up 4 until the series was cancelled) The figure really started to grow on me. Now I display it proudly on my shelf. This mass murder stands about 6 inches tall.

Paint- 5

There is some really good paint work here. The lines on his head and chest a crisp even and clean. It’s hard to find paint quality that good on a mass market line but Mattel did a really good job. Over all this paint work is great!

Sculpt -4

Now there is a lot of reuse here. Only the hands, belt and head are new tooling. The sculpt does look good. One thing I really liked was his goggles were see through and Mattel had sculpted the head under there witch was a nice little detail and looks great! I have no major complaints about the sculpt its great! But you ask me why a 4 instead of a 5? I docked the figure for the amount of reuse.

Articulation 4

This psychopathic madman features over 20 poa. It’s the standard DCUC articulation of ball shoulders, bicep, elbow, wrist, Mattel hips, thigh, knee, ankle, waist, ab crunch and ball head. He’s pretty poseable. Not as good as a toybiz ML but he’s decent. What I really like about the articulation scheme is there is plenty of poa but it looks good. Some of the ML were so over articulated the joints really broke up the appearance of the figure. While with this figure you get lots of poa without the articulation breaking up the appearance of the figure.

Accessories 5
Adrian Chase comes with three guns. An M-16 with sling and a scope, a Mac-10 machine pistol and a revolver. The revolver fits into the holster on his belt. The guns are very well sculpted and painted. I was surprised I even go this many guns. Mattel has a habit of skimping on the accessories so this was a nice surprise. I also liked the variety of weapons too. We got an assault rife a machine pistol and a pistol. Over all I am very satisfied with the weapon load out.

This figure is a very well done figure. It’s one of my favorite DCUC classics figures I own. The one thing that really sets him apart is that he’s “fun” I really played with this figure so quite awhile before putting him on my shelf. He just such a fun factor to him. Over all great toy!!!

      by CplHicks   Update Review

User Comments
CplHicks - Friday, May 7, 2010
He''s just so much fun!!!
I had him battling my cylon for awhile.
Great great figure!!
wesr - Friday, May 7, 2010
He looks pretty good and he''s a good base figure for a dozen possible figures from henchmen to snakeeyes.

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