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Iron Man (Mark VI) Review

Iron Man (Mark VI)
Iron Man 2 - 2010 Movie (Hasbro) - Wal-Mart Exclusives
I was so crazy about the War Machine figure I went back and bought this one as well, despite my initial reluctance. I sort of wish I hadn't. This is a fairly attractive figure, but I had to dig through several to find one with the arc reactor not scuffed. I'm not really impressed with the paint job, it seems like too much red plastic for some reason, but it's okay. This one does have the presence of the War Machine figure, it does not look or feel nearly as substantial, but I can forgive that also, since the Iron Man armor in the movie is much sleeker than the War Machine armor. The articulation on this one is my biggest complaint, the upper torso seems to be placed slightly too far back on the body, and the forward movement is lacking, this is far different than the War Machine figure, I assumed that the two would have the same basic body structure, but I was wrong. Finally, the shoulder guards are awful, maybe even worse than the one on the original Iron Man figures, I had to put them both back on after handling the figure for only a few moments. All that said, I do think it will look pretty good on my shelf, so all-in-all not a complete waste. I suppose I was mainly disappointed because I was expecting so much after getting the amazing War Machine figure.

      by Xysma Warhorse   Update Review

User Comments
bjpalm1994 - Friday, May 28, 2010
Posted a reply on your War Machine review but didn''t see this one. Yea once you open the War Machine fig the Mk6 fig doesnt compare. Like i said it looks like his arms are too short or his shoulders are to far in or something. I think if that was fixed it might not be too bad of a figure. Good Review

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