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Starscream (with Crown) Review

Starscream (with Crown)
Transformers - Heroes of Cybertron (Hasbro) - Wave 5
The less than loyal sidekick of Megatron. He is shown in this figure in this final moments from Transformers The Movie back in 1986 with his crown, shoulder pads, and the cape. Sadly the cape is molded purple plastic and not something more impressive like cloth. Like all of the Heroes of Cybertron figures the designs are taken from the animation designs of the show and are very accurate. The downside to these figures is the plastic is rather soft, such as Starscream's guns, and bends easily and many of them have to be assembled after removal from the package or work loose while handling and then become hard to keep into place. Articulation is usually at these points which loosens them even more. His POA are head, arms, hands, legs. Overall the paint job on the figure is really good with no flaking, scratched, or really major blemishes you see in newer figures from Hasbro. The figure is an excellent representation of a key moment on Generation 1 Tranformers lore just before Starscream is turned to ash by Galvatron, the precise pose indicates that it is the moment he destroys the horns being played by the Constructicons. I give this figure a 5 out of 5 and it is a must for any G1 fan.

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